Terms & Conditions

1. Online-shop filler.ee is Estex Baltic OÜ, registration number: 14029800, legal address: Piirimäe 15, Tänassilma küla, Saku vald 76406, Estonia, owned and maintained internet site.
2. Intellectual property rights at www.filler.ee are owned by Estex Baltic OÜ.
3. Filler.ee has the right to change the content and terms of use of the website and that take effect upon publication.
4. Filler.ee, is not responsible for any kind of losses incurred by the user as a result of using the online store www.filler.ee.
5. By accessing and using the www.filler.ee website, the user confirms that he has read the terms of use and agrees to comply with them.
6. We employ the use of cookies. By accessing Filler.ee, you agreed to use cookies in agreement with our Privacy Policy.

Order formalization

6. In order to make a purchase with filler.ee, the customer must place an Order for the product
7. Orders at filler.ee can be made from both – registered and unregistered users. If the Customer establishes his / her user account at filler.ee, the Client has the opportunity to join the Online Shop upon authorization. In order to register an account, the Customer must complete the relevant registration application and agree to the Terms of Use.
8. In addition, the Customer must enter the delivery address and the preferred way of receiving the product.
9. Filler.ee is not responsible for any loss or other consequences arising from incorrect data provided by the Customer in the order.
10. Filler.ee sends an automatic e-mail with the Order confirmation to the Client. If the Customer notices any errors (unwanted products, quantities, etc.) in the order confirmation message, the Customer must immediately contact www.filler.ee customer support by phone  or by e-mail.
11. The order can be paid fully as soon as the order is made. When a payment is made, the order is considered to be submitted and the products are being complected
12. Filler.ee is authorized to refuse to execute the order by notifying the Customer of the reason for the cancellation. In case filler.ee does not execute the order, the Client is refunded within 14 working days.
13. All prices are given in Euros. The price does not include delivery charges.
14.  Products are sold at prices valid at the time of placing the order, except in cases where the products are given an unusual price due to a technical error or system failure.
Filler.ee has the right to refuse to sell the products ordered in the online shop, (while informing the Customer) if the Product is no longer available or due to technical reasons the price and / or parameters of the product indicated in the online store do not correspond to the actual price and / or parameters of the product.
15. Delivery costs (if there are any) are accounted for separately, before payment is made.

Customer support

16. The Customer Service Department of the Seller operates on business days from 08:30 to 17:00.
17. Customer Service is performed in English, Russian, Lithuanian and Estonian languages.

Cancellation of order or termination of distance contract

18. Filler.ee have the right to cancel the customer’s order until the customer’s payment has been received, if any errors in the description of  the products or prices are found.
19. The order is canceled if the bill is not paid within 5 days from the moment of sending it to the Customer.

Returns and exchanges of goods

20. The Customer has 14 days from receipt of order to advise us of his/her intention to return or exchange for any reason and without a justification.
The Customer then has a further 14 days to return the goods back to us. Returns outside this period may not be accepted.

  •  Items should be returned new, unused and with all tags still attached.
  • The order should be returned in original, undamaged box as this is considered part of the product.

21. Filler.ee give you a full refund within 14 days after have recieved the items that you return to us.
If you want to return or exchange, please contact us by email info@filler.ee or call our customer service.  We will discuss and try to find the best decisions or options for you.